Before Purchasing Commercial Carpet…

installed commercial carpet

There are Three Important Components You Should Consider

Proper Installation:
A good installation job is worth its weight in gold. A poor installation job will cost you a great deal. Make sure you select a qualified contractor to install your carpet. There is much to consider.

  • How will furniture be moved?
  • What kind of adhesive is being used?
  • Will the adhesive have an odor and if so for how long?
  • Does the installer have workman’s compensation insurance?

The Right Application:
We would all like to have beautiful white wool carpet in our facility. However, we need to consider how the building will be used. White carpet in the entry of a bank building is not practical. It might look nice when it’s first installed, but long term you won’t be happy. What about roller traffic? If you’re in health care and the gurneys are going to be rolling down the aisles, then you should consider the construction of the carpet, its backing and even the color of the wheels on your gurneys.

  • How much foot traffic will I have?
  • What kind of punishment will the carpet take?
  • What is my facility used for?
  • Do I have clients coming in?

Good Maintenance:
This is where ServiceMaster HandS can help!
Last but not least is cleaning. All carpet needs to be cleaned. They last much longer if cleaned regularly, as opposed to cleaning visible soil on an “as needed” basis. If the carpet is a light color, it will need to be spot cleaned more often. Good vacuuming will prevent dry soil from damaging the fibers. Walk off mats at entrances help to capture soil from peoples’ feet before it gets tracked farther into the building.

  • Do you have a good contractor like ServiceMaster HandS for a preventive maintenance program?
  • Have you budgeted enough to pay for maintenance?
  • Have you considered good vacuuming programs and entrance mats?